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Concerned About Your Liver?


Liver Disease

Common Conditions

- Hepatitis C,B
- Alcoholic liver disease
- Fatty liver disease
- Autoimmune liver disease
Drug-induced liver injury
- Cholestatic liver disease
- Genetic liver disease



Common liver disease symptoms

- Loss of appetitie
- Nausea or vomiting
- Chronic fatigue
- Pale stool colour
- Dark urine color


Risk Factors

Higher risk of liver disease with

- Heavy alcohol use
- Obesity
- Type 2 diabetes
- Shared needles
- Unprotected sex
- Exposure to certain chemicals or toxins
- Family history of liver disease


Hepatits C is curable

People at a higher risk of hepatitis c exposure include those

- Health care workers
- Injection or snorted drug use
- Infants born to HCV-infected mothers
- High-risk sexual behavior
- Shared personal care items
- Blood transfusion or operations before 1992
- Tattoos or body piercings

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