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Managing a patient with liver disease?


Patient Referral

Refer to a liver specialist

Liver disease clinics in Ontario can receive patient referrals from all healthcare providers as per OHIP referral guidelines.

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Hep C Screening

Are your patients at risk of Hep C

- 245k patients live with Hep C
- 1000+ Canadians cured of Hepatitis C by Liver Care Canada
- 50% of Hep C Patients don't know they have Hep C




Evaluate your patients' liver health without the need of an invasive procedure.

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Clinic Management

Helping you make the best of your medical practice

- Nursing support
- Admin support
- Diagnostic equipment
- EMR management
- Linkage to other health care providers

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    Refer A Patient

    If you would like to refer a patient, please download the PDF form below, fill it out and fax it back to us at 1-844-663-9012. Should you have any questions about the form, please call our toll-free telephone number at 1-844-663-9011.